SL1301A – Becoming a Super Sales Professional

Sarder Learning is a Collaborative Knowledge Platform bringing together some of the world’s Best Business, Management & Leadership practices in the form of eLearning program from Fortune 1000 CXOs, Ivy League Professors and best Selling Business Authors.

The self paced e-learning courses are in the form of byte size video lessons for faster retention. Video courses are grouped under various categories such as Management, Leadership, Innovation, Marketing, Sales, Personal effectiveness and others.

All businesses are involved in the sale of a product or service and most depend on their salespeople for their success or failure. Motivated and experienced sales personnel with the right skills can create authentic relationships with customers that result in a lifetime of revenue. Joe Ilvento, Chief Learning Officer and WW Director of Talent Development for CommVault Systems shares his passion of selling and teaching others the art of selling that includes respecting your customers and making sure to serve their needs. Joe is also the author of License to Sell which is the perfect how-to guide of step-by-step instructions for getting it right in selling.

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SL1301A – Becoming a Super Sales Professional

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  • Duration : 180 hours
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