SL1203A – Effectively Handle Your Job Interview

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Doing well in an interview takes skill and confidence. With the right preparation, skill sets, and knowledge about the interview process, individuals can be successful in attaining their dream job. Michelle Lederman, communications expert and author of The Relationship Driven Leader shares how to be successful in a job interview. She has made it her personal mission to help individuals communicate clearly and effectively.

In this course, Michelle talks about topics including: advice on how to connect with the interviewer in a way that breaks the ice and sets the tone for the interview; the importance of body language in an interview; the mind-body connection to confidence; exercises to build confidence; advice on how to answer a difficult or inappropriate question in an interview including her recommendation to “distract and redirect”; how to come prepared for the three questions you are afraid the interviewer might ask; the issue of multiple jobs on a resume; why it is better to keep your options open in an interview even if you are not sure you want the job; recommendations on how to network successfully; practical advice on how to prepare for an interview; how “disruptive technology” is affecting organizations and the opportunities it provides for growth; strategy of “stop, look, and listen” and the benefits of transparency in organizations today.

Course Methodology

This self paced e-learning course is based on an exclusive interview with Michelle Lederman, Trainer & Communications Expert.

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SL1203A – Effectively Handle Your Job Interview

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  • Duration : 30 hours
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