SL11012A: Creating A Winning Workplace For Employees

Kevin Mulcahy, executive coach and co-author of The Future Workplace Experience, has practical ideas to improve employee engagement and enhance awareness to help employees take effective career related decisions.

In this course, Mulcahy shares his expertise on the following subjects: gap between aspirational behavior and tolerance for behavior that is not consistent with company norms; three main conditions that indicate companies have winning workplaces; three categories of megatrends occurring in the workplace; treating employees as consumers; importance of physical space in the workplace; what characterizes an agile leader; ways in which leaders can stay agile and be more effective in their jobs; ways in which technology can be used to improve creativity; employee collaboration; four questions for organizations to ask when assessing results of technology on employee productivity; and how technology is now being used in identifying, recruiting, and keeping key employees.

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SL11012A: Creating A Winning Workplace For Employees

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  • Duration : 30 hours
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