Introduction to SharePoint 2010 for Administrators

Introduction to SharePoint 2010 for Administrators

Bascom Bridge’s  Introduction to SharePoint 2010 for Administrators training course teaches attendees how to administer SharePoint 2010.



  • Install SharePoint 2010
  • Configure SharePoint 2010 server farms
  • Back up and restore Sharepoint 2010
  • Create Web applications and site collections
  • Scale farms by adding Web servers and application servers
  • Create and configure service applications to share resources across Web applications and across farms
  • Configure services applications in a new farm using the new Farm Wizard
  • Control the use and growth of content
  • Use the new sandboxing architecture in SharePoint Foundation
  • Use PowerShell to script SharePoint 2010 administrative tasks
  • Master techniques for upgrading from SharePoint 2007 to 2010
  • Monitor SharePoint and troubleshoot issues revealed in SharePoint’s logs
  • Configure SharePoint search


Attendees should have professional experience with system administration in a Windows network environment. Attendees should have previous experience installing and configuring Windows Server 2003 – 2008, Active Directory, and SQL Server. It is recommended (but not required) that attendees have previous experience working with SharePoint sites from the user perspective.


All attendees receive comprehensive courseware covering all subjects in the course.


  • Each student will need a full installation of SharePoint Server 2010, including a Windows Server 2008 operating system and a SQL Server 2008 database, and also client tools such as Internet Explorer, Office 2010, and Visual Studio 2010.
  • During the process of scheduling the class, we will host a conference call with you to discuss setup options.
  • For classes delivered online, all participants need either dual monitors or a separate device logged into the online session so that they can do their work on one screen and watch the instructor on the other. A separate computer connected to a projector or large screen TV would be another way for students to see the instructor’s screen simultaneously with working on their own.


  • Getting started with SharePoint 2010
    • SharePoint Foundation Architecture and Terminology
    • SharePoint 2010 Enhancements Targeting Administrators
    • SharePoint Server 2010 Editions
    • Hardware and Software Requirements
    • Virtualization Considerations
  • Installing SharePoint Server 2010
    • Understanding Farm Topologies
    • Service Application Architecture
    • Creating Dedicated Service Accounts in Active Directory
    • Installing SharePoint Server 2010
    • Creating the Farm and the Configuration Database
  • Configuring SharePoint Server 2010
    • Getting Around in Central Administration
    • Managed Service Accounts
    • Managing Timer Jobs
    • Using the Farm Configuration Wizard
    • Configuring Service Applications by Hand
  • Configuring and Administrating Security in SharePoint 2010
    • Windows Authentication
    • Claims-based Authentication
    • Forms-based Authentication
    • Intranet Extranet Considerations
    • Configuring Certificates and SSL
  • Creating and Configuring Web Applications
    • Configuring DNS and Host Headers
    • Creating New Web Applications
    • Configuring Alternate Access Mappings
    • List Throttling and Quotas
    • Configuring Anonymous Access
  • Writing Administrative Scripts using Windows PowerShell
    • Introduction to Windows PowerShell
    • Windows PowerShell Console Window
    • Writing Windows PowerShell Scripts
    • Loading the SharePoint PowerShell Snap-in
    • Writing Administrative Scripts for SharePoint 2010
  • Managing Site Collection Growth using a Governance Plan
    • Sites and Site Collections
    • Site Templates in SharePoint 2010
    • Customizing Sites using the Browser
    • Customizing Sites with SharePoint Designer
    • Enforcing Governance in Production Environments
  • Upgrading Farms from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010
    • Preparing a SharePoint 2007 Farm
    • In-Place Upgrade
    • Database Attach Upgrade
    • Using a Hybrid Upgrade Approach
    • Understanding Visual Upgrade
  • Configuring Search in SharePoint Server 2010
    • Overview of Search in SharePoint 2010
    • SharePoint Search Architecture versus FAST Search
    • Configuring the Search Service Application
    • Creating Search Pages using the Search Web Parts
    • Using Custom Ranking Models
  • Configuring SharePoint Server 2010 Service Applications
    • Creating Term Sets and Taxonomies with the Managed Metadata Service
    • Creating External Connections using the Business Data Connectivity Service
    • Creating Secure Application with the Secure Store Service
    • Configuring the User Profile Service
  • Planning for Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery
    • Versioning and Restoring Documents
    • Configuring Recycle Bin Behavior
    • Site-Level Backup and Restore
    • Preparing for Disaster Recovery
    • Recovering the Farm After Server Failure
  • Health Monitoring and Optimization
    • The Developer Dashboard
    • Understanding ULS Logs
    • The Logging Database
    • Health Analyzer and Usage Reporting
    • Timer Jobs ad Server Affinity
  • Conclusion

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Introduction to SharePoint 2010 for Administrators

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  • Course No : SHPT-205
  •  Theory : 40%
  •  Lab : 60%
  • Duration : 24 hours
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