Introduction to Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud

Introduction to Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud

Bascom Bridge’s Introduction to Adobe InDesign CC training teaches attendees how to build newsletters, brochures, and other documents using Adobe InDesign® CC.



  • Use the InDesign CC user interface
  • Set up documents and work with pages
  • Work with objects
  • Flow text
  • Edit text
  • Work with typography


No prior experience is presumed.


All students will receive a copy of Adobe Press’ Adobe® InDesign® CC Classroom in a Book.


  • Adobe InDesign CC or later (for Windows or Mac)
  • Windows 7 or later, or Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • At least 3 GB of RAM; 4GB or more recommended
  • A recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari web browser
  • For classes delivered online, all participants need either dual monitors or a separate device logged into the online session so that they can do their work on one screen and watch the instructor on the other. A separate computer connected to a projector or large screen TV would be another way for students to see the instructor’s screen simultaneously with working on their own.


  • Introducing the workspace
    • Looking at the workspace
    • Working with panels
    • Customizing the workspace
    • Changing the magnification of a document
    • Navigating through a document
    • Using context menus
    • Modifying Interface preferences
  • Getting to know InDesign
    • Preflighting as you work
    • Viewing guides
    • Viewing guides
    • Adding text
    • Working with styles
    • Working with graphics
    • Working with objects
    • Working with object styles
    • Viewing the document in Presentation mode
  • Setting up a Document and Working With Pages
    • Creating and saving custom document settings
    • Creating a new document
    • Switching between open InDesign documents
    • Working with master pages
    • Applying master pages to document pages
    • Adding new document pages
    • Rearranging and deleting document pages
    • Changing the size of pages
    • Adding sections to change page numbering
    • Overriding master page items on document pages
    • Viewing the completed spread
  • Working With Objects
    • Working with layers
    • Creating and editing text frames
    • Creating and modifying graphics frames
    • Adding metadata captions to graphics frames
    • Placing and linking graphics frames
    • Changing the shape of a frame
    • Wrapping text around a graphic
    • Modifying the shape of frames
    • Transforming and aligning objects
    • Selecting and modifying grouped objects
    • Creating a QR code
  • Flowing Text
    • Flowing text into an existing frame
    • Flowing text manually
    • Creating text frames while flowing text
    • Flowing text automatically
    • Creating threaded frames automatically
    • Resizing text frames automatically
    • Adding a jump line page number
  • Editing Text
    • Finding and changing a missing font
    • Entering and importing text
    • Finding and changing text and formatting
    • Checking spelling
    • Editing test by dragging and dropping
    • Using the Story Editor
    • Tracking changes
  • Working With Typography
    • Adjusting vertical spacing
    • Changing fonts and type style
    • Fine-tuning Columns
    • Changing paragraph alignment
    • Creating a drop cap
    • Adjusting letter and work spacing
    • Adjusting line breaks
    • Setting tabs
    • Adding a rule above a paragraph
  • Conclusion

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Introduction to Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud

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  • Course No : IND-110
  •  Theory : 40%
  •  Lab : 60%
  • Duration : 12 hours
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