Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud

Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud

Bascom Bridge’s Adobe Dreamweaver CC training class teaches attendees how to build conventional and mobile web sites using Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud.



  • Create Web pages with Dreamweaver CC
  • Set up a new site
  • Work with HTML and understand the basics of CSS
  • Create a page layout with text, images, lists, and tables
  • Use CSS to enhance page design
  • Create Dreamweaver templates for reusable design and site branding


Prior experience using the Web is required. This course does not require knowledge of HTML, but attendees with HTML knowledge will find Dreamweaver much easier to use in both the short- and long-run. Toward this end, we would be delighted to teach a one-day HTML primer immediately prior to this course.


All students will receive a copy of Adobe’s Dreamweaver CC Classroom in a Book.


  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC or later (for Windows or Mac)
  • Windows 7 or later, or Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • At least 3 GB of RAM; 4GB or more recommended
  • A recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari web browser
  • Related lab files that Accelebrate will provide
  • Note: This class can be taught for Windows or Mac audiences
  • For classes delivered online, all participants need either dual monitors or a separate device logged into the online session so that they can do their work on one screen and watch the instructor on the other. A separate computer connected to a projector or large screen TV would be another way for students to see the instructor’s screen simultaneously with working on their own.


  • Introduction
  • Customizing Your Workspace
    • Touring the workspace
    • Switching and splitting views
    • Working with panels
    • Selecting a workspace layout
    • Adjusting toolbars
    • Personalizing preferences
    • Creating custom keyboard shortcuts
    • Using the Property inspector
    • Using the CSS Designer
    • Explore, experiment, learn
  • HTML Basics
    • What is HTML?
    • Where did HTML begin?
    • Writing your own HTML code
    • Frequently used HTML 4 codes
    • Introducing HTML
  • CSS Basics
    • What is CSS?
    • HTML vs. CSS formatting
    • HTML defaults
    • CSS box model
    • Multiples, classes, and IDs, oh my!
    • Formatting text
    • Formatting objects
    • CSS3 overview and support
  • Web Design Basics
    • Developing a new website
    • Scenario
    • Working with thumbnails and wireframes
    • Creating web assets using Adobe Generator (optional)
  • Creating a Page Layout
    • Using the Welcome Screen
    • Previewing your completed file
    • Working with predefined layouts
    • Working with the CSS Designer
    • Working with type
    • Creating a CSS background
    • Modifying existing content
    • Building semantic content
    • Positioning elements with Element Quick View
    • Inserting placeholder text
    • Inserting HTML entities
    • Validating HTML code
  • Working with Templates
    • Previewing completed files
    • Creating a template from an existing layout
    • Inserting editable regions
    • Producing child pages
    • Updating a template
    • Using library items
    • Using server-side includes
  • Working with Text, Lists, and Tables
    • Previewing the completed file
    • Creating and styling text
    • Creating and styling tables
    • Spell checking webpages
    • Finding and replacing text
  • Working with Images
    • Reviewing web image basics
    • Previewing the completed file
    • Inserting an image
    • Adjusting image positions with CSS classes
    • Working with the Insert panel
    • Using Adobe Bridge to insert images
    • Inserting non-web file types
    • Working with Photoshop Smart Objects
    • Copying and pasting images from Photoshop and Fireworks
    • Inserting images by drag and drop
    • Optimizing images with the Property inspector
  • Conclusion

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Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud

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  • Course No : DW-110
  •  Theory : 40%
  •  Lab : 60%
  • Duration : 12 hours
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