Cloud-based Development with Microsoft Azure and Office 365

Cloud-based Development with Microsoft Azure and Office 365

Bascom Bridge’s Cloud-based Development with Microsoft Azure and Office 365 training course teaches attendees how to develop and deploy custom software solutions to the Microsoft cloud using Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and SharePoint Online.



All students will learn how to:

  • Develop with Microsoft Azure services
  • Extend SharePoint Online
  • Leverage the authentication services provided through Azure Active Directory
  • Program with the Microsoft Graph API
  • Develop client-side web parts using the SharePoint Framework
  • Incorporate industry trends and best practices
  • Use the single page application (SPA) model, TypeScript and the Angular framework
  • Develop web applications using ASP.NET MVC and Web API
  • Develop software projects using the Node.js platform
  • Use cross-platform developer utilities such as Node Package Manager (npm), Bower, Gulp, Yeoman and Visual Studio Code


Attendees should have professional development experience with Visual Studio, JavaScript, C#, the .NET Framework and ASP.NET.


All Azure training students receive comprehensive courseware.


  • Visual Studio 2015, Office 365, and Internet Explorer 11 and/or Edge
  • All server services needed will be hosted by Accelebrate
  • High-speed Internet for all attendees with the ability to connect to Bascom Bridge’s  servers on ports 80 and 443
  • Related lab files that Accelebrate would provide
  • For classes delivered online, all participants need either dual monitors or a separate device logged into the online session so that they can do their work on one screen and watch the instructor on the other. A separate computer connected to a projector or large screen TV would be another way for students to see the instructor’s screen simultaneously with working on their own.


  • Introduction
  • Developer Roadmap for Azure and Office 365
    • Microsoft Azure Platform Overview
    • Extending SharePoint Online
    • Developing with Azure Active Directory
    • Developing with the Visual Studio Full Stack
    • Developing with Node.JS & Visual Studio Code
    • Getting Started with Office 365 & Microsoft Azure
  • Working with Azure Web Apps and VMs
    • Web Apps and App Service Plans
    • Deployment Slots
    • Continuous Deployment
    • Developing WebJobs
    • Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks
  • Developing Web Apps using MVC
    • ASP.NET MVC Fundamentals
    • Controllers and Routing
    • Implementing Razor Views
    • Designing Strongly-typed Models
    • Adding MVC Forms and Validation
  • Developing Web Apps with Angular
    • Migrating from JavaScript to TypeScript
    • Introduction to Angular
    • Angular Routes, Views and Controllers
    • Creating a Custom Angular Service
    • Migrating from Angular 1.0 to Angular 2.0
  • Programming Azure Storage and Azure SQL
    • Azure Storage Accounts
    • Blob Storage and File Storage
    • Creating a CDN using Azure Storage
    • Azure Storage using Tables and Queues
    • Creating Azure SQL Databases
    • Developing with the Entity Framework
  • Developing Custom Web Services using Web API
    • Introduction to Web API
    • Developing RESTful Web Services
    • Configuring Attribute-based Routing
    • Developing Web Services that support ODATA
    • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  • Creating SharePoint-hosted Add-ins
    • SharePoint Add-in Model Overview
    • SharePoint Add-in Security and Permissions
    • Using TypeScript with SharePoint-hosted Add-ins
    • Using AngularJS with SharePoint-hosted Add-ins
    • Developing Add-ins with Client-side App Parts
    • Extending SharePoint sites with Custom User Actions
  • Programming the SharePoint REST API
    • Understanding REST and ODATA
    • The SharePoint REST API
    • Programming the SharePoint REST API
    • Paging SharePoint List Items
    • Modifying SharePoint List Items
  • Creating Provider-hosted Add-ins
    • Architecture of a Provider-hosted Add-in
    • Creating Provider-hosted Add-ins using MVC
    • Acquiring and Managing Access Tokens
    • Working with the Cross Domain Library
    • Implementing Remote Event Receivers
  • Programming the Client-side Object Model (CSOM)
    • Understanding CSOM Architecture
    • Writing Code to Authenticate Users and Add-ins
    • Optimizing CSOM Code
    • Remote Exception Handling
    • Creating Site Columns, Content Types and Lists
  • Publishing and Installing SharePoint Add-ins
    • The App Catalog Site in SharePoint Online
    • Packaging and Publishing SharePoint Add-ins
    • Installing SharePoint Add-ins
    • Upgrading SharePoint-hosted Add-ins
    • Deploying Provider-hosted Add-ins
  • Using JavaScript Injection in SharePoint Sites
    • Enabling Scripting in SharePoint Online
    • Understanding JavaScript Injection
    • JSOM Programming
    • Remote Provisioning using CSOM
    • JSLink and Client-side Rendering
  • Developing with the SharePoint Framework
    • SharePoint Framework Overview
    • Embracing the Cross-platform Toolchain
    • Developing Projects using Visual Studio Code
    • Running Projects in the SharePoint Workbench
    • Programming SharePoint Framework APIs
    • Developing Client-side Web Parts using React.js
  • Authenticating with Azure Active Directory
    • Understanding OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect
    • The Role of Azure Active Directory
    • Creating & Configuring Azure AD Applications
    • Programming Authentication with MVC
    • Programming Authentication with AngularJS
  • Programming the Microsoft Graph API
    • Overview of the Microsoft Graph API
    • Developing with the Microsoft Graph API
    • Creating Users and Groups in Office 365
    • Programming Messages and Calendar Events
    • Managing Files and Documents in OneDrive
  • Designing Scalable Azure Applications
    • Design Patterns for Scale and Resilience
    • Implementing a Communications Strategy
    • Service Bus Relays and Queues
    • Service Bus Topics and Subscriptions
    • Event Hubs and Notification Hubs
    • Working with the Azure Redis Cache
  • Conclusion

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Cloud-based Development with Microsoft Azure and Office 365

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  • Course No : AZR-130
  •  Theory : 50%
  •  Lab : 50%
  • Duration : 30 hours
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