Cloud and Virtualization Training & Certification Courses


Cloud Computing means by which we can access the applications as utilities over the internet. It allow us to create, configure and customize the business applications online.

Making a virtual machine over an existing operating system and hardware is referred as Hardware Virtualization. Virtual Machines provide an environment that is logically separated from the fundamental hardware. The machine on which the virtual machine is created is known as host machine and virtual machine is brought up as a node machine. This virtual machine is handled by a software or firmware, which is recognized as a hypervisor. Course Objectives: Assists you in realizing the impact and changes of virtualization on IT service management. Teaches you the most common terms and definitions of cloud computing. Assists you in reading the characteristics of clouds and cloud services from a business view. To discover how to use Cloud Services. To execute Virtualization. To execute Task Scheduling algorithms. Implement Map Reduce concept of applications. Construct Private Cloud. Broadly educate to know the impact of engineering on legal and societal issues involved.

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Cloud and Virtualization Training & Certification Courses

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