Business Intelligence for MS Excel Training & Certification Courses

Microsoft Excel still remains the top Business Intelligence tool in use today, and it will continue its reign despite marketing efforts of other BI technology vendors. It is also interesting to note that most BI products in the market use an “export to Excel” feature as their selling proposition. That is because when it comes to buying a BI solution, end users look for the ability of product  to export data to Excel as a major criteria for selection. Since most of the organizations already have highly skilled Excel users, they migrate swiftly to a self service BI capability and tend to create their own BI solution intuitively without much dependence on IT.

In most businesses, irrespective of their size and scale, users prefer Microsoft Excel to perform analysis. This approach limits the capabilities and the extent to which end users can access enterprise data sources. Not only that, it can compromise data consistency and integrity.

Business Intelligence for Excel Course ensures that you get accurate, complete and timely reports from your enterprise system.

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Business Intelligence for MS Excel Training & Certification Courses

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  • Duration : 30 hours
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