Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova is an open-source development framework for creating cross-platform mobile applications. It allows web developers to use standard web technologies – HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript – for creating mobile apps for a variety of mobile platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.

Bascom Bridge’s Cordova training teaches attendees how to create, test, and deploy mobile apps with Apache Cordova using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript in a platform-independent way.



All students will learn how to:

  • Create, test, and deploy mobile apps using Cordova
  • Work with cross-platform mobile development
  • Use the Apache Cordova command line interface
  • Work with native mobile platforms
  • Implement best practices


Attendees should have some experience with the front-end web development.


All Apache Cordova training students receive comprehensive courseware.


  • Dual core or faster processor with at least 8GB RAM
  • 64-bit operating system
  • Latest Google Chrome browser
  • Latest Android Studio
  • Java 8 SE SDK or later
  • Text editor (such as Atom, Notepad++, etc.)
  • For classes delivered online, all participants need either dual monitors or a separate device logged into the online session so that they can do their work on one screen and watch the instructor on the other. A separate computer connected to a projector or large screen TV would be another way for students to see the instructor’s screen simultaneously with working on their own.


  • Introduction To Apache Cordova
    • What is Apache Cordova?
    • Cordova’s History
    • The Cordova Architecture
    • The WebView Component
    • Supported Platforms
    • App Stores
    • Who uses Cordova?
    • Cordova Development Cycle
    • Installing Cordova
    • Getting Cordova CLI Help
    • Create a Cordova App
    • Cordova Directory Structure
    • Adding Platform-Specific Support
    • Cordova Plug-ins
    • Running Cordova Apps
    • The Run Command
    • Example: Running an App on the Android Platform Emulator
    • Cordova Development Paths
    • Cross-platform Workflow
    • Platform-centered Workflow
    • Dev Tools for Android
    • Dev Tools for iOS
    • Adobe PhoneGap Build
  • Device And Contacts Information APIs
    • Cordova Device Info Object
    • Device Info Permissions
    • The cordova and uuid Properties
    • The platform and version Properties
    • The name Property
    • Contacts Database API
    • Contacts Database Helper Objects
    • Supported Platforms
    • Contacts API Permissions
    • Contact properties
    • Creating a New Contact
    • Saving a Contact
    • Deleting (Removing) a Contact
    • Finding Contact(s)
    • Find Contacts Example
  • The Cordova File API
    • Accessing the Mobile File System with Cordova
    • File API Permissions
    • The Cordova File API
    • Accessing the Device File System
    • The requestFileSystem Method
    • The requestFileSystem Method Example
    • The File Object
    • The FileEntry Object
    • The FileEntry Object’s Methods
    • The DirectoryEntry Object
    • The DirectoryEntry Object’s Methods
    • The DirectoryReader Object
    • The DirectoryReader Object Example
    • The FileError Object
    • Writing Files with the FileWriter Object
    • Writing Files with the FileWriter Object (Cont’d)
    • Reading Files with the FileReader Object
  • The Accelerometer
    • What is the Accelerometer?
    • Supported Platforms
    • Accelerometer Precision
    • Accelerometer Detection
    • Accelerometer Permissions
    • The Accelerometer API
    • The Acceleration Object
    • The getCurrentAcceleration Method
    • The watchAcceleration Method
    • The accelerometerSuccess Call-Back Function
    • The clearWatch Method
    • Accelerometer API in Action: Device Shake Tracking
    • Device Shake Tracking Application Code
  • The Camera
    • Accessing the Camera with Cordova
    • Camera Permissions
    • The Cordova Camera API
    • The Camera Object
    • The getPicture Method
    • The Camera Call-Back Functions
    • The cameraSuccess Call-Back Function
    • The cameraError Call-Back Function
    • Camera Options
    • Cordova Camera API Example: Displaying an Image
    • The cleanup Method
  • Best Practices
    • jQuery Mobile Benefits
    • Progressive Enhancement
    • Common UI Guidelines
    • Platform-specific UI Guidelines
    • Cordova Business Layer Initialization
    • Business Layer Best Practices
    • The online and offline Events
    • Cordova Domain Whitelist Guide
    • Background Tasks
    • When Applications are in Background …
    • Cordova Background Task API
  • Conclusion

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Apache Cordova

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  • Course No : MBL-208
  •  Theory : 50%
  •  Lab : 50%
  • Duration : 6 hours
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