Advanced Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud

Bascom Bridge’s  Advanced Adobe InDesign CC training teaches attendees the sophisticated techniques they need for producing polished InDesign® documents. This course is current to the 2015 update.



  • Apply and work with color
  • Create and apply styles
  • Import and modify graphics
  • Add and format tables
  • Work with transparency
  • Prepare InDesign documents for print
  • Create rich, interactive documents
  • Create a fixed-Layout and Reflowable EPUB


Bascom Bridge’s  Introduction to Adobe InDesign CC training or equivalent experience.


All students will receive a copy of Adobe Press’ Adobe® InDesign® CC Classroom in a Book.


  • Adobe InDesign CC or later (for Windows or Mac)
  • Windows 7 or later, or Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • At least 3 GB of RAM; 4GB or more recommended
  • A recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari web browser
  • For classes delivered online, all participants need either dual monitors or a separate device logged into the online session so that they can do their work on one screen and watch the instructor on the other. A separate computer connected to a projector or large screen TV would be another way for students to see the instructor’s screen simultaneously with working on their own.


  • Introduction
    • Working With Color
    • Managing color
    • Synchronizing color settings in Adobe Bridge
    • Specifying color settings in InDesign
    • Displaying images at full resolution
    • Proofing colors onscreen
    • Defining printing requirements
    • Creating and applying colors
    • Working with gradients
    • Creating a tint
    • Creating a spot color
    • Applying colors to text and objects
    • Using advanced gradient techniques
  • Working With Styles
    • Creating and applying paragraph styles
    • Creating and applying character styles
    • Nesting character styles inside paragraph styles
    • Creating and applying object styles
    • Creating and applying table and cell styles
    • Globally updating styles
    • Loading styles from another document
  • Importing and Modifying Graphics
    • Adding graphics from other programs
    • Comparing vector and bitmap graphics
    • Managing links to imported files
    • Updating revised graphics
    • Adjusting display quality
    • Working with clipping paths
    • Working with alpha channels
    • Importing native Adobe graphics files
    • Using a library to manage objects
    • Using Adobe Bridge to import graphics
  • Creating Tables
    • Converting text to a table
    • Formatting a table
    • Creating a header row
    • Adding graphics to table cells
    • Creating and applying table and cell styles
  • Working with Transparency
    • Importing and colorizing a grayscale image
    • Applying transparency settings
    • Adding transparency effects to imported vector and bitmap graphics
    • Importing and adjusting Illustrator files that use transparency
    • Applying transparency settings to text
    • Working with effects
  • Printing and Exporting
    • Preflighting files
    • Packaging files
    • Creating an Adobe PDF proof
    • Previewing separations
    • Previewing how transparency effects will be flattened
    • Previewing the page
    • Printing a laser or inkjet proof
    • Using the Ink Manager
  • Creating Adobe PDF Files with Form Fields
    • Adding form fields
    • Exporting an interactive Adobe PDF file
  • Creating a fixed-Layout EPUB
    • Adding animation
    • Adjusting the timing of animations
    • Adding multimedia and interactive elements
    • Exporting an EPUB file
  • Creating a Reflowable EPUB
    • Completing the booklet
    • Choosing the content of an ebook
    • Adding metadata
    • Exporting an EPUB file
  • Conclusion

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Advanced Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud

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  • Course No : IND-111
  •  Theory : 40%
  •  Lab : 60%
  • Duration : 12 hours
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