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  • The AZ-104 training and certification exam focuses on the learner's ability to manage identities and implement proper governance in the Azure cloud environment. It's one of the core exams for those aspiring to become Microsoft Azure Administrators.


  • Foundational understanding of Azure
  • Familiarity with essential tools and technologies (Azure portal, Azure Cloud Shell, Azure PowerShell or Azure CLI)

Course content

Module 1: Manage Identities in Azure
  • Azure Active Directory (AD): Understand the core concepts of Azure AD, including user accounts, groups, authentication methods, and directory synchronization.
  • Managing users and groups: Learn how to create, manage, and assign permissions to users and groups within Azure AD.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA): Configure and implement MFA for enhanced security.
  • Guest access: Manage guest user accounts for external collaborators.
  • Microsoft Entra Devices: Securely manage devices accessing Azure resources.
Module 2: Implement Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • RBAC concepts: Understand the fundamentals of RBAC, including roles, permissions, and assignments.
  • Azure roles: Familiarize yourself with pre-defined Azure roles for common access scenarios.
  • Custom roles: Create and assign custom roles for granular access control.
  • Conditional access: Implement conditional access policies for dynamic access control based on specific conditions.
Module 3: Manage Azure Subscriptions and Resource Groups
  • Azure subscriptions: Understand the different types of Azure subscriptions and how to manage them effectively.
  • Resource groups: Organize Azure resources into logical groups for easier management and billing.
  • Cost management: Implement Azure cost management tools and policies to optimize spending.
  • Azure policies: Define and enforce policies to govern resource creation, configuration, and usage.
Module 4: Azure Governance
  • Resource tags: Tag Azure resources for organization, cost allocation, and reporting.
  • Azure Policy and initiatives: Define and implement policies and initiatives to enforce compliance standards.
  • Azure Monitor: Monitor resource health and performance for proactive issue identification.
  • Security Center: Utilize Azure Security Center for threat detection, vulnerability management, and security recommendations


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